Biography & Vision



I am a third generation Christian Minister of the gospel. I do travel to the Nations, to share the Good-News of Jesus Christ. I have held several mini-crusades and ministers’ Seminars in a number of Nations, in various times. I believe in Signs, Wonders and Miracles through the name of Jesus. I inspire churches to get involved in the missions and allocate their money for this purpose. My wife and I pray for missionaries, churches and the ministers of gospel, in every Nation. When foreign missionaries first came to India in 1900, they chose to stay and work with my grandfather. He gave them all the logistical support for them to spread the gospel in India. Here is a brief history of the missions in India.



My grandfather John Ayyapilla (P V John) was born on April 16, 1877 in an aristocratic ancient Hindu Family of Travancore known as “Chempakasseril”.  Chempakasseril family is one of the eight families collectively known as “Ettuveettil Pillamar” who were very prominent in the administration of Travancore State. Like Oliver Cromwell did in England these eight families jointly removed Maharaja of Travancore from his throne and took over the administration of the state on behalf of the people of that State. Thus a republic was started in Travancore but it did not last long. Again the Maharaja Marthandavarma took over the administration but many members of the syndicate of Ettuveettil Pillamar continued to hold high positions in the administration of the State.

In 1895, the Christian missionaries brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to India. One day, there stood a man on the street that preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. My grandfather heard one of the messages from the Bible through this English Missionary (Noel), “come to ME all who are weary and heavy laden, And I shall give you rest.”(Matt 11:28-30). My grandfather immediately responded to the message and received Jesus into his heart. He then made the commitment to follow Jesus. As a result, his own family rejected him and he suffered many persecutions for the sake of the gospel. The Lord Jesus transformed his life and put him in the ministry for many years. Back then; there was no Pentecostal church in India.  The Lord granted his petition and baptized him in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit used P V John as an instrument to bring mighty revival in 1897. Years late, because of his desire to get more involved in evangelism, he resigned his secular job and continue to work for the Lord. He planted the first Pentecostal Church in Mavelikara. Few years later, he met some Christian Group called “Church of God” and he decided to work and fellowship with them. An Indian Missionary named Rev. A.D Khan of Bengal and Pastor P.V John traveled together in many parts of Travancore, Kashmere and Calcutta to preach the gospel. In 1929, pastor P V John pioneered a Pentecostal Bible School name ‘Bethel’ in his home in Mavelikara, Travancore. Few years later, he felt led to turn this school over to the Assemblies of God missionaries. Today, Bethel Bible School is known as ‘Bethel Seminary’ which is now located in Punalur, Kerala.

My father (Rev P John Daniel) had a powerful ministry for 57 years. He started his ministry in 1932. He graduated from my grand father’ Bible School. He pioneered the gospel work in many places in India and also helped to establish, Bible Schools and churches both in the North and also in South India. The Lord sent him to the Nations to preach the gospel to the unreached people (from 1955 to 1962). In 1989, the Lord took my father home.

In 1950, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Next few years I spent time to read the Bible and memorize many Scriptures. Immediately I joined with a team to go out to the streets and many homes to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. In 1957, AA Allen brought his ministry team to India and they stayed in our home for several weeks. I had seen so many creative miracles the Lord performed through their ministry. I prayed asked the Lord to use me and give me a similar type of ministry to reach the World.

In 1960, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Since that time, I have made the commitment in my life to preach the gospel wherever He sends me, and to faithfully serve Him. As I developed a great zeal to preach the Word, the Lord was with me and He sent me throughout India. In spite of all the struggles and stiff resistance from radical people, Jesus helped me to win hundreds of souls and to encourage many in the faith. Many times, I had to walk ten to twelve miles to preach the word. I remember there was some occasion, when I had to go for few days with very little food to eat. But the Hand of the Lord was there to provide for me and to protect me. And very often, I could hear the still small voice, which spoke to me and gave me the directions and hope in my life. It was my dream from my childhood, I saw myself traveling around the World to minister the gospel.

In 1962, the Lord spoke and confirmed my ministry through a number of prophets of God that He would send me out of India to many nations to minister the gospel. The same year, the Lord anointed as an Apostle and Prophet to the Nations. Even though I did not share with every body about this, the gift, which the Lord placed in my life, begin to manifest. He taught me how to walk by faith and also to trust Him for all of my needs. Whenever I had great need in my life, I always confessed the Word of God, especially from Psalms 37:25  ” I have been young, and now I am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, or His seed begging for bread.” Time after time the Lord showed that His Word works in every situation.  Praise God!  Since my parents were missionaries, I spent altogether 28 years in both North as well as in South India, which included my early childhood years and also my college years. The Lord saved my life from sickness and even few times from the jaws of death.

In 1968 & 1969, I was able to work with late Pastor John Osteen in his gospel crusades in India. He stayed in my parent’s home.



In 1971, the Lord opened a supernatural door for me to be able to travel around the World. At that time, He taught me how to trust Him and to believe for the impossible things through Him, as I travel around the World to preach the Gospel. The Lord provided me with everything I needed in my life. He took care of me supernaturally in England and other parts of the World.



Jesus brought me to the US and connected me again under the direction of late Pastor John Osteen, in Lakewood church, Houston, Texas. . I was able to travel and minister the Word of God together in a few Nations. Pastors John & Dodie Osteen has influenced my life tremendously.

In May of 1972, Pastor John Osteen ordained me as a minister of the gospel. He loved me just like one of his sons. I was able make few trips with him in the US and also in few other Nations to share the Word of God



The Lord made it possible for me to meet Rita through the customary Indian way of arranged marriage and we got married in November 18, 1972 at Lakewood Church. The Lord has given us four beautiful children. They all serve the Lord faithfully. Praise the God! Psalms 2: 8- “Ask of Me, and I will give you the Nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession.”


Signs, wonders & miracles

Through faith in His Word, for the last forty years, the Lord opened many doors for me and He sent me to so many Nations to minister His Word. Rita traveled with me to Europe, China and other Asian countries. We have provided thousands of Bibles to the needy people in China and other underground churches

In 1979, The Lord sent us back to India to establish A New Bible College there and also to help plant more churches there. We spent six months there to reorganize the existing work that my father started there.


Revelation for the end-time

In 1986, while traveling and ministering the word in many European Nations, the Lord spoke to me very clearly that the Nations will have calamity, turmoil, earth quakes, violence, famines, floods, business bankruptcies and such. There will be massive suicidal cases and fear will grip in the hearts of many. There will be worldwide outbreak of many forms of sickness and diseases etc. On the other hand, the Lord will bring great peace, prosperity and great window of opportunities for his people to make much wealth. There will be great supernatural provisions, great manifestations and angelic visitations at all times. The Lord will raise up many Prophets and Apostles with great authority & power to lead His People.

In 1989, my father (Pastor P John Daniel) went to be with the Lord. I sought the Lord for His direction to lead thesechurches, which my father established there. Later, I became the President of ‘the Pentecost church of God’ there. The Lord spoke to me through His Word from the book of Joshua “I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me; as my strength was then, so my strength is now, for war and for going out and coming in. Now then, give me this mountain about which the Lord spoke on that day that Anakim were there, with great fortified cities; perhaps the Lord will be with me, and I shall drive them out…” Joshua14: 11-12.

For the last several years, I have been traveling around the world to minister the Word of God in Nations. The Lord helped me to establish Bible Schools,  to plant churches in India and also other Asian Nations. I travel to India twice every year and I spend a few months there to hold mini-crusades and ministers’ seminars.